Sage colored Bayberry and Soy Wax Blend Candles are unique, with a delicate, heavenly sweet Bayberry Scent of fresh Winter Pine and Spice.    Start Your own Tradition and burn our Bayberry Candle  during Your Holiday Season.  The Candle Tins make a great Gift to share this tradition, burning each "to the socket" - to the end - is said to foretell Good Luck in the Coming New Year.  A Colonial Tradition Favorite.

Our Signature Boxed 4 Ounce Tins make a Great Holiday Gift.
"A Bayberry Candle burnt to the socket
brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket."
For Him. For Her.

Available in: 12 Ounce or 8 Ounce Glass Cafe Jar;
and 4 Ounce Gift Boxed Tin; and 1 Ounce Tin.  

Additionally available in the
"The Legend of Bayberry" Gift Boxed 1 Ounce Duo Set of two