OUR BAYBERRY A Holiday Tradition



A Colonial and Holiday Tradition Favorite.
Sage colored,  Bayberry and Soy Wax Blend Candles are unique, with a delicate, heavenly sweet Bayberry Scent of fresh Winter Pine and Spice.    Start Your own Tradition and burn our Bayberry Candle  during Your Holiday Season.  

The Candle Tins make a great Gift to share this tradition, burning each "to the socket" - to the end - is said to foretell Good Luck in the Coming New Year.

Our Signature Boxed 4 Ounce Tins make a Great Holiday Gift.  

"A Bayberry Candle burnt to the socket
brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket."
For Him. For Her.
Available in Limited Edition "Tiny Tin" Candles
December 1 to December 23.
 4 Ounce Gift Boxed Tin; and 1 Ounce Tin,  Only. 
Additionally available in the
"The Legend of Bayberry" Gift Boxed 1 Ounce Duo,  Gift Set
of two One Ounce Tins